Local Hand Grown

Local Hand Grown is a sustainability initiative unique to LHM Foods. You can pick up LHG Garden Kits designed to help you get a jump on your garden. These kits are all made from what would otherwise be food waste produced by our kitchen.

Australians throw away 4,000,000 tonnes of food every year. That amount of food would fill a line of garbage trucks from here to New Zealand…three times. What’s more, food waste releases methane gas as it decomposes and is a significant contributor to climate change.

So we came up with Local Hand Grown to cut back on our own waste while helping others start vegetable and herb gardens at home. These cuttings are all taken from our kitchen and will regrow in water or soil. Just follow the instructions on the tag, be patient for a couple of weeks, eat and enjoy!

Don’t forget to grab a bucket of coffee grounds too, they’re great for compost  piles and for adding nutrients to soil. Both the plants and the grounds are on us. Happy gardening!


LHM Foods knows that we have a community responsibility towards sustainability. We take that role seriously and are proud to tell you about some of the ways we are waste and energy conscious.

  • We have a variety of packaging and we’ve taken efforts to find the most environmentally-friendly options. Our salad packaging is made from 100% reclaimed cane sugar pulp. This is a waste product that would otherwise be discarded. Additionally, the lids are recyclable and we encourage our customers to compost their dishes after they’re finished. Our utensils are biodegradable and made with sustainable practices.
  • Our kitchen donates our leftover food storage containers to children’s arts programs at Reverse Garbage in Marrickville.
  • Our used cooking oil is converted into industrial soap.
  • Coffee grounds have garden applications after we’re done brewing. For this reason we offer our customers the chance to take home this nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Just ask your barista to set some grounds aside for you and we’ll pack them up.
  • Where possible we source our ingredients locally and we limit our number of deliveries. Doing this not only supports Aussie farmers and farm communities, it also reduces our carbon footprint.
  • We have a goal to be 90% paper free in our offices. We email invoices and statements and eschew printing wherever possible.
  • In 2018 we are exploring further options for recycling. This includes pick-up services for our milk containers and putting recycling bins for customers into all of our locations.

Together we can make a difference. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about our environmental practices, please use the contact for at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Fair Trade

Our beans are always 100% Fair Trade because we value and respect the farmers who produce them.

Coffee is a highly volatile commodity, with wide price fluctuations year to year. This is due to coffee production being highly dependent on weather conditions, susceptible to disease and influenced by a range of other factors. Many farmers lack reliable market information, this coupled with often small yields leads to situations of unequal power relations where farms lack bargaining power when engaging in negotiations. Fairtrade helps bring farmers together to strengthen their position and to learn from one another, Globally Fairtrade works with 445 coffee producer organisations  representing 810,000 farmers in 30 countries to make sure they are paid fairly for their produce and work.

St Vinnie's Night Patrol for the Homeless

We believe that no one in Sydney should go hungry and that everyone deserves healthy food, no matter their circumstances. For this reason we are proud to support the work of St Vincent de Paul Society, Sydney Night Patrol service. Sydney Night Patrol visits various locations throughout the city where they provide fresh healthy food, a hot drink, warm blankets or referrals to other services and beautiful volunteers willing to have a friendly chat. Our contribution to this great cause is a monthly donation of 250 sandwiches.

We look forward to a long relationship with Vinnies and are proud to be a small part of the amazing work they do ensuring that all our neighbours have access to necessities, support and opportunity.