LHM Foods Terms & Conditions

Delivery Policy

  1. Catering orders must be placed by 12 PM the business day before ordering. Any orders placed after this time will need to be handled over the telephone. We will endeavour to fulfill late orders, but cannot guarantee product availability.
  2. We only cannot accept orders more than ten business days in advance. If you would like to schedule an order for a tailor-made function, please give us a call.
  3. Our food is delivered by LHM Catering employees in the appropriate temperature-controlled vehicle and packaged to either be served hot or cold as necessary.
  4. We endeavour to deliver all orders within a one hour timeframe, however traffic and other unavoidable delays may make this untenable in which case we apologise.
  5. Our kitchen produces a wide variety of foodstuffs that include common allergens. For this reason we encourage you to use caution when ordering for individuals with severe allergies. If you have concerns, please contact us. LHM Foods assumes no liability for food or allergy related illness.
  6. Our food is intended to be consumed within two hours of drop-off if not refrigerated. LHM Foods accepts no liability for the handling or storage of food once it has left our chain of custody and strongly recommends that you dispose of any food more than four hours old.
  7. Any equipment or platters left with the client becomes the clients’ responsibility. An agreement on pickup will need to be reached between LHM Foods and the client. We expect that said equipment or platters will be clean and in the same condition as when given to the client. Any lost or damaged equipment/platters may incur additional charges.
  8. The person accepting your order will be required to sign for the delivery. Before signing the delivery docket please check that all items have been delivered and that the quantity of platters noted on the delivery docket are correct.

Refunds and Return Policy

  1. In the event that you need to cancel an order please telephone 02 9557 1422 as soon as possible. If you are cancelling two full business days in advance no charges will apply and a full-refund can be issued. Cancellation one business day before 3 PM in advance may result in charges for food and labour already costs already incurred, we will apply this on a case-by-case basis. Notice of one business day after 3 PM or same-day cancellations are not permitted and are non-refundable.
  2. We only cannot accept orders more than ten business days in advance. If you would like to schedule an order for a tailor-made function, please give us a call.
  3. All claims against invoices must be made within 24 hours of the delivery. Any claims outside of this time frame may not be pursued. Please refer your comments to our customer service staff on 02 9557 1422 who will liaise with your delivery driver, our dispatch team, QA officer, chefs &/or booking contact as well as reference any supporting documentation such as email correspondence and signed delivery docket. We endeavour to resolve all invoice disputes as a matter of urgency.
  4. If you have any complaints about the product received, please set aside the item in question and contact us immediately. Because of the perishable nature of our product, we must review all requests for a refund or replacement within 24 hours. Should we find that your complaint is legitimate and caused by error on the part of LHM Foods, we will issue a refund via the payment method received.

Privacy Policy:

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